I love Depeche Mode and here are a few designs I made.

These lyrics are amazing and they are from the song Little 15. Depeche Mode has made music that has inspired and me and just took me happy place and sad place at times.

I used a font from the Swiss family that are just lines to make the words look better and made certain letters stick and  just pop off the page. little 15

Personal Jesus what can you say about this song! I think it was song to put them on the map. Fans may have already known about them, but this song put them over top.

I tried to be very letters to tell the story, and give meaning to the words without the use of pictures. The use of colors black and red help convey a message. Touch faith man!

Personal Jesus Poster Depeche Mode

Personal Jesus Poster
Depeche Mode

Concert poster I made of the mode. I uses a font base on the city they were performing on. I used the circles to help enhance the world because it was a word tour.

Concert Poster  Depeche Mode

Concert Poster
Depeche Mode


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