Dr. Who: 50th Anniversary Predictions (SPOILERS)

Does anybody really what will happen? I dont like the idea of waiting until November

The Life of A Thinker

So, this year celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, woohoo! Now, as a Whovian (the term given to fans of the show), I’ve put my thinking cap on as to what the celebratory episode could involve…

Billie Piper/Rose Tyler Returns:

Now, we all know the current situation with Rose Tyler. After getting involved with Torchwood, she ended up falling into a parallel universe. It was a bit sad, the Doctor said “Rose Tyler…” and she never found out the end of the sentence.

Until she came out of the parallel universe two more times. One of them was in the episode with Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), who made a mistake by “turning left” instead of right at a car junction, which lead to history being changed… Rose encouraged her to change it back, it worked, and at the end, Rose gave Donna a message to pass on to…

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