Creativity where did you go? OMG!! Is this some kind Creative Block!

I have creative lapses all the time. I have problems doing homework sometimes. I have a hard time with doing projects sometimes. When I say sometimes I mean all the time. Here are a few things I like to do when I am in a funk and cant come up fun and creative.

Number One: I like to watch a funny show or something to lighten the mood. When I feeling pressed or something similar I will watch a cartoon or some thing on the DVR. I will watch Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Looney Tunes (new or old), Chowder (internet) and that crazy show Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network.

You ask why number one works most of the time; well I think humor can get anyone out of a funky mood. Humor makes you feel better. Humor awakes and excites the mind. I think an excited mind is a creative mind. When you have to be creative, it always a good to feel good and be excited about you are working on. Humor and being happy can knock the fuzzes from a creative block and get you going again.

Another reason number one works is if you are working on animation, graphic design or writing a script, in my opinion. Robot Chicken is a funny show that works with different types of animation and has a humorist script. You may get an idea from some thing you saw. Cartoons use animation and graphic design and even some color theory to make an entertaining show. A cartoon is my opinion is moving pictures that are telling a story. There always-great artistic details in each frame of the animation. It is like a thousand Photoshop files or pictures working to make great animation.


         Number two: If need some learning or help. I will watch videos online. There are always crazy things on the Internet. I like to watch typography videos.

Another way to enjoy typography to help you out of your funk try watching music videos or movies that just used typography.

Your favorite some probably has a typography video made about.

Another way to help with number two is look for things on the web. Look for tutorials that might help you on the subject. Do search on an artist you like and look at their art forms on the web. Look up an art gallery online.

I recommend this site for inspiration or some thing to break up that block.  I recommend the John Maeda exhibit.

Lastly when you are having an artistic block goes for a walk outside. Do something different; try to change your environment. Try to wake up, have some coffee or even better yet go to local coffee house and have a little fun and look for inspiration.  When you are in trouble go to a place where you can be happy and creative. Find things that inspire you, write them down, and remember them.  Try to do your best at all times and good will comes out of it.


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