I want to be a graphic designer

My name is Brian Van Scoyk aka as BVS. I actually have it tattooed on my arm incase I forget who I am. I am currently enrolled in school to become a graphic designer. I currently work in radio broadcasting. I would like to merge the whole idea of graphic designer with my radio ideas and maybe come up with some new radio concepts. Radio promotions and ideas have change from here is a free tee shirt to something more complex and the use of social media. Social media is here to stay and it is the way we communicate theses days.  I have a brand new phone and I love it, cant wait to get a tablet. Maybe another topic at a different time.  A radio station has to reach the masses in other ways. I enjoy texting rather than calling someone. You can get a quicker reaction to something on Facebook and twitter than you can get by dialing the phone. You can take quicker instant request through Twitter and Facebook. Radio listeners loved to hear their names on the radio. With Facebook and Twitter the radio listeners can interact with you and other listeners at the same time.


Radio stations are starting to make extra content for stuff that is not on air. On air talent are blogs and videos on the side to interact with listener and drive listeners to their Facebook page or the station website.  This also becomes a new revenue stream for the radio station. I want to be a part of that. I want to be in radio as long as I can. I do enjoy making things or making this better and useful. Graphic design is needed is this world. Think about this scenario, which I learned for Daniel Pink’s book. You have a toaster, what is the main purpose of your toaster? To make you toast right? Maybe so but that’s only is job for 20 minutes the rest of the day its job is to look good in your kitchen. Graphic is the wave of the future and they are many things that needed to made better than they once was.


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