Dr. Who is very fascinating. I enjoy all of the plot lines and how you have to remember certain things that happen in other episodes.



Very few shows are as inspiring as Dr. Who. With its valuable lessons in each episode, you can’t help but be inspired. Even as an adult, I see the lessons that I can apply in my own life even without a Tardis.

One thing that I have learned from Dr. Who is to always be ready for an adventure. I rarely leave my office but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be ready for an adventure when one comes along. I should never be afraid to do something new.

Another lesson from the good Doctor is to value each being. Each person that you meet in your life can teach you something new. People are fascinating and unique.  Value what they can teach you and in turn you grow as a person.

Lastly, be willing to help others. I know that our lives are often busy, but sometimes people need a…

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